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Logistics centers

Trading pavilions

Industrial buildings and warehouses


Industrial refrigerators

Entertaining complexes

Installation work

Office buildings

Our services

  • Installation of reinforced concrete and metal structures
  • Installation of thermo-insulating sandwich panels
  • Installation of industrial facilities
  • Construction of warehousing facilities
  • Installation of cold storages
  • Construction of farming-purpose facilities
  • Construction of logistics centres
  • Construction of shopping centres
  • Installation of trade pavilions
  • Construction of administrative facilities
  • Roofing of pitched and flat roofs
  • Installation of fences
  • Installation of windows, doors and gates
  • Installation of canopies
  • Installation of container solutions at building sites
  • Installation of garden houses
  • Roofing panel bending and roofing works





Company code 302444035
VAT code LT100004993719

Phone: +37061881764
Email: info@tonitra.lt


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ISOLITA – ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001

Our partners

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